Girls Gone Griffith: Mostly Positive Conversations About In-laws/Growth

When you become a mother-in-law, you add a page to your life. Gradually you learn what makes your daughter-in-law unique. You discover how she thinks, and what she cares about. The relationship grows and this new chapter becomes more meaningful and interesting because a significant person has joined your family.

Even before Camilla and I began […]

The Problem is Not in Your Set

I worked in the computer service industry at a time when most employees came to the job with no prior technological experience. New hires made a lot of mistakes and were forced to call on their supervisor to “unlock” their computers. Some days the long-suffering, usually mild-mannered supervisor would reach his breaking point. Throwing his […]

Girls Gone Griffith: Mostly Positive Conversations about In-laws/Criticism

My experience as a mother-in-law continues to reveal my character flaws. I’ve discovered that I like to have my own way—because I think I’m “right” and what I want is “fair.” I’m focused on my feelings, my needs, and my life. And if I’m honest, I must admit that when I am disappointed, I am […]

My Pile of Rocks

Usually I have ferns, a few herbs and a geranium or two on the porch, but this spring I’ve pushed the limits of my horticultural expertise and physical stamina. I’m working rich compost into the existing clay and creating the perfect environment for hydrangea and other shade loving plants. I knew the clay would be hard […]

Girls Gone Griffith: Mostly Positive Conversations About In-Laws/Expectations

The first time I met my future in-laws, Luke and I hadn’t even begun dating. They came to bring him furniture in his new Atlanta apartment and Laurel asked him to invite some friends over for dinner. I was one of those friends. At this point, I had not spent much time with Luke, but […]

On the Spot Prayers

We’re home and Jim is recovering. My job is to keep him off the tractor for the next few days. Although his surgery was not a huge deal it required an overnight hospital stay and several hours of anesthesia. I’m grateful for the physician who identified the problem, the surgeon’s skilled hands, and the excellent […]

Girls Gone Griffith: Mostly Positive Conversations About In-Laws

Can a daughter-in-law and a mother-in-law figure out a way to blog about their relationship with one another? Can they be vulnerable enough so that what they say will help others? Can they explore the prickly parts without hurt feelings and sore toes?

These are the questions my lovely daughter-in-law and I asked one another as […]

Why You Should Fix the Mess Now

After my mom passed away, my daddy married Vivian, a beautiful lady who loved our family like her own. For over thirty years, Vivian has taught me lessons about life, and parenting, and service to others. She inspires me with her wisdom, her kindness, and her determination.

I frequently think about her caramel cake.

First let me […]

The Empty Nest: A Tale of Transition

Yesterday I watched four baby wrens and a doting mother who chirped her little lungs out for most of the afternoon. I’m emotionally invested in the family because Mama built her nest in our garage, taking advantage of a plastic shoebox securely positioned on a shelf. The garage door was a bit of an issue, […]

Glimpses of God

I’m thankful I grew up in a “missions-soaked” environment but that doesn’t mean I was always eager to hear the reports the missionaries gave at church. I distinctly remember asking if it would be possible to love the missionaries without having to see all their slides. So it is with some trepidation that I’m posting […]