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When You Travel with God

When you travel with God you develop a track-record, one that should be noted, reviewed and celebrated.

If you like putting words on paper, record your experiences. Write about the beautiful seasons of life, but don’t leave out the difficult times. Include your pain and confusion. Jot down how God reveals his presence in the midst […]

If the Biscuits Don’t Rise

A few days ago, I wrote about the launch of a small group devoted to home cooking. I’ve had a ton of questions from people who are interested in pursuing a similar idea. Here’s my confession: I’m not sure exactly what’s going to happen. Of course the team leaders have a well thought out strategy, […]

Around the Table

Our church just launched another round of interest based small groups. There’s a group for coffee and conversation, several groups that focus on exercise and fitness. There’s a group for young married couples and a Bible study or two. I can’t offer leadership/instruction in many areas but it occurred to me I might be able […]

In the Center of the Room

Today I had a brief encounter with an acquaintance and although I listened carefully I didn’t understand everything she said. I failed to ask the questions which would have clarified her statements. When I see her  again, I hope we’ll engage more thoroughly. If we make the effort, I believe we will become friends. In […]

An Unforseen Fiasco

I’m searching for free coloring sheets to take with me to Haiti. I need pictures that represent Bible stories we will be using in our conferences. I hope to add the appropriate verse to the sheets, translated into Haitian Creole of course. Friends, let me be clear — this is not as easy as it […]

The Beautiful Thing

Left to my own devices, I would spend most of my time and energy thinking about trivial things — like if I should cut my hair or how I can be entertained. Sometimes my preoccupations seem less selfish, revolving around the people I love. Although I must confess, even these seemingly positive thoughts frequently connect […]

Front Row Seats

This weekend I hung out with strangers who quickly became friends.

Kim, Katie, and Lauren are witty, kind, smart and pretty. We’re members of the same mission team and we’re headed to Haiti in April. These young women seem confident. I’m either slightly jittery or quaking in my ankle boots, depending on when you ask me […]

Hanging On, Holding On, Keeping On

My good friend, Peggy, was getting married. As a part of the celebration she hosted a luncheon for bridesmaids and other friends who were a part of her wedding. After a lovely meal, Peggy thanked us for the part we had played in her life. She shared sweet memories. Love and laughter flowed throughout the […]

A Fistful of Band-Aids

I’ve always been a “goal setting” kind of girl. I have more creative energy when I can see what I’m working toward. When I believe in the vision, the cause, or the objective, I am willing to make adjustments and even occasional sacrifices to achieve the end result.

Some good does come with this mind–set, but […]

This New Chapter

Happy New Year! I’ve been away for awhile and I’ve missed sharing my journey with you. You’ll notice that things look a little different around here. The fresh look goes hand in hand with a more focused message. In the months ahead I will emphasize varied facets of a single idea that has shaped my life […]