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Takes My Breath Away

My brother has been leading mission trips to Haiti for several years. His experiences inspired me but I never felt prompted to get involved. At the end of October Bryant called to tell me about an opportunity. The Haitian pastor wanted a “women’s conference dealing with family issues.” At that moment I knew I was […]

His Good Work

Last week was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It will be difficult for me to adequately convey all I learned and felt while working in Haiti. I will do some more reflecting and attempt to share in more detail, but today I want to thank you for your prayers.

Our team was […]

Counting on You

Once, I met a couple of real heroes — a husband and wife who planted their lives in El Salvador. Their only desire was to ease suffering and share the good news of Jesus Christ. The pair lived away from the limelight. Although the work was difficult, they met the physical and emotional challenges with […]

It’s All About the Love

Yesterday, an unexpected encounter with a couple of four-year olds caused me to think deeply about faith.

Jim and I volunteered to help—extra hands on this Easter Sunday. After the story, the kids found their places at tables and began to glue and color a paper plate tomb. The stone, held in place by a metal […]

Our Only Goal

The pretty bags you see in this photo will be distributed to the 300 Haitian ladies who attend the 2016 Jacmel Women’s Conference. Each bag will contain six laminated Bible verse cards, colored pencils and coloring pages, a notebook and pen, handkerchiefs, lip gloss, hand lotion, and an assortment of other goodies.

We’ve designed the conference […]

Crazy About You

When I was still a mom of preschoolers, I realized God was using my kids to teach me about my relationship with him. Time and again, my own life became an illustration of the principles I encountered in Scripture. Specific moments would register and bring me a greater depth of understanding of what God had […]

The Story of Your Life

At some point, most writers find themselves staring into space. Swirling ideas refuse to flow from the head through the hand to the page. If allowed to continue, the frustrating experience shuts down all productivity. Unable to give voice to ideas, the writer begins to question her ability, and the doubts feed the paralysis.

The pros […]

This Ordinary Day

The infant cries and her daddy gathers her in his arms.

A toddler slurps the last drop and “asks” for more milk. Understanding his halting communication, the mother wipes his chin and refills the extended Sippy cup.

Young children learn from every experience—what to expect, whom to trust, where to turn, how things work.

Too soon parents and […]

Around the Table: Feels Like Church to Me

Around the Table, a small group devoted to cooking and sharing meals together, gathered again last night. Under the direction of my friend, Natalie Fetsch, we prepared a wonderful dinner. I’ve done a lot of “from scratch” cooking but anytime I work with others I learn something new. I’m certain broadening my culinary horizons is […]

Show Up Hungry

For the past 6 weeks I’ve been teaching about prayer. At the beginning of the study, I explained we would think of prayer like an extra-large pizza. Since there was no way we could digest everything in one sitting, we would examine one slice at a time. This allowed us to talk about the significance […]