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Small Offerings

I can tell the story now. Everybody else is dead.

Jim and I were newlyweds, living in an apartment near the medical school. We planted our lives together in a downtown church. After a few months one of the ministers called and asked me if I would be willing to fill in for him at the […]

Walls Fall Down

I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama during the turmoil of the late sixties and early seventies. As a young white girl I cared about injustice and racism but I didn’t know how to respond. I grew to hate anything that felt like discrimination, including organizations that kept others out with rules and fees. Sometimes I […]

Girls Gone Griffith: Mostly Positive Conversations about In-laws/Insight

Camilla and Luke recently celebrated their first anniversary. They live in Charlotte, NC, where Camilla works as First 5 Coordinator for Proverbs 31 Ministries.  In today’s post, my daughter-in-law suggests a strategy for growth that can be applied to all relationships. 

One of my very most favorite things I learned through my counseling program is how […]

Girls Gone Griffith: Mostly Positive Conversations About In-Laws/Tender Topics

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Durham to spend time with my lovely daughter-in-law, Eliza, and my grandson, Sam. The visit also had a practical purpose — I was there to help the family prepare for their upcoming move. We worked steadily, filling boxes with dishes and books. In spite of the task at […]

Free Indeed

I was present in the courtroom when the judge set the prisoner free. He released my kind and brave friend, incarcerated for over seven months with more time to serve. Family and friends hugged one another, offering praise to God, who performed the miracle we had prayed for, but did not expect.

Several days have passed […]

Girls Gone Griffith: Mostly Positive Conversations about In-laws/Invitations

Jim spent an hour or six getting our stuff arranged in the back of the truck. We are leaving town so early in the morning that I am likely to be slightly irritable, but with enough coffee I’ll survive. The good news is that we’re headed to the beach where we’ll spend a week of […]

Girls Gone Griffith: Mostly Positive Conversations about In-laws/Grace

Most kids don’t like the idea that their mothers are actual human beings with feelings and thoughts of their very own. Once you admit that your mom is her own person, she become vulnerable. She makes mistakes. She’s not perfect.

As an adult child, this feeling can still linger. Whether you are 20, 30 or 60, […]

Keeping the Best

Have you thought about cleaning out your closet and eliminating the clothes you never wear? If the idea seems appealing, maybe you are ready for the newest trend in fashion — the capsule wardrobe. You keep only clothes you love, and you organize your wardrobe so that each piece can be worn in many ways. […]

Girls Gone Griffith: Mostly Positive Conversations About In-laws/Growth

When you become a mother-in-law, you add a page to your life. Gradually you learn what makes your daughter-in-law unique. You discover how she thinks, and what she cares about. The relationship grows and this new chapter becomes more meaningful and interesting because a significant person has joined your family.

Even before Camilla and I began […]

The Problem is Not in Your Set

I worked in the computer service industry at a time when most employees came to the job with no prior technological experience. New hires made a lot of mistakes and were forced to call on their supervisor to “unlock” their computers. Some days the long-suffering, usually mild-mannered supervisor would reach his breaking point. Throwing his […]