FullSizeRI recently attended the annual Proverbs 31 She Speaks Conference in Concord, North Carolina. An array of talented and articulate women offered expertise and inspiration to the hundreds of Christian bloggers, writers, and speakers who came to grow in their calling and personal lives. The weekend was especially memorable for me because I got to share it with Camilla.

Camilla joined the staff of Proverbs 31 Ministries when she and Luke moved to Charlotte a little over a year ago. She works as First 5 Coordinator, managing the app and coordinating the writing and experience guides. Occasionally, she will write daily content. In fact, you can read her teaching from the book of Job on the app today. Visit First5.org or upload the free app on your phone.  And no, sweet Camilla did not use her mother-in-law as a personal illustration of suffering.

I love my daughter-in-law for many reasons —she’s smart, funny, and wise. But although love is the solid foundation, affection alone does not guarantee deep connection or a lifetime of memories. Ours is a relatively new relationship, but I think what we’ve discovered will also hold true for people who have been related for many years.

Friendship, even with family members, requires an intentionality of focus. We build relationship around common interests. The relationship grows when we place our attention on the experience we enjoy instead of ourselves.

Camilla and I share a love of teaching and writing. This ground is not the only place we connect, but it is important to us both. We share ideas. We discuss what we know and what we are learning. We have decided to use what we love to build a friendship that will grow deeper over time.














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