In this post, Camilla issues a relationship call-to-action. I needed the reminder. How about you? 


I wouldn’t call decision-making my strongest suit. I can be lazy with my decisions – putting them off until someone else forces me into a decision or makes the first move. Or sometimes I “make a decision” but don’t tell anyone… just in case it doesn’t happen.

IMG_4824Making a decision means you have to take a stand. Be proactive. Commit to work. Once you make a decision, you are risking failure. It’s a vulnerable thing to do. I don’t always like feeling vulnerable. Perhaps you struggle with this too?

To decide to pursue a relationship is a powerful decision. And that’s really what it takes. Few, if any, relationships will survive without one or both members deciding that it will survive. And that’s just for survival. To have a growing or thriving relationship requires a lot more relationally enriching decisions.

The truth is that you can’t move forward in a relationship without making a decision. A decision to call your mother-in-law. A decision to pray for your daughter-in-law. A decision to do the thing that comes to your mind that you would know they would appreciate… just because.

Because I’m good at talking myself out of things, I decided that if I think of something I can do to serve someone else, I’m not going to question it. I’ll just do it. So every time I think, “I really should…” or “I bet they would like this!” I’m going to do it. Or at least try.

My prayer is that my decisions regarding relationships can be strengthened, and that yours can too. Deciding to pursue a relationship with your in-law can be hard and awkward and frustrating, but it can be so rewarding and special and fun. What might happen when we decide to seek a relationship? We won’t know until we decide.

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