I returned from Haiti the day before hurricane Matthew slammed the country, so this is not the blog post I thought I’d be writing. I thought I’d tell you about the Bible studies and the Women’s Conference. I thought I’d share how God moved in our midst and how powerful it is to worship with Haitian believers. Perhaps I will share about those beautiful experiences in days to come, but today I am writing with a different purpose.

IMG_9569Will you consider donating money to help my friends at Children’s Hope? There are other wonderful groups who are serving the people of Haiti and they also need our support, but my heart is connected with those I know.  I can vouch for their personal integrity and their commitment to Christ. Jim and I are making a contribution.

small groups in action 2Scott and Allison Payne are missionaries who live in Haiti and oversee the work of the orphanage and the mission volunteers who come there to serve. Children’s Hope was founded after the 2010 earthquake and has been supported by churches in Alabama and throughout the United States.

leader training
We heard a report from our friends today. The orphans and staff are safe and the buildings intact, but the surrounding community is suffering. Though communication with SW Haiti is still down, Children’s Hope received some more info from the MAF pilots who did damage assessment yesterday. They were able to land in Jeremie and talk with a few people there. The bottom line of what they heard- the damage is catastrophic, but loss of life is minimal. 99% of homes have lost their roofs, or sustained even more significant damage. Food is scarce, water sources are contaminated, and most people are exposed to the elements due to damage to their homes. 14608879_1147034025376392_5586848719826250211_o

In the weeks ahead, Children’s Hope will be distributing food and supplies to the families who have lost their source of income because of the hurricane. Most people farm small gardens to survive and they will need assistance until new crops can be planted and harvested. Their very lives depend on the response of believers who will open their hearts and their wallets. Please ask God if this would be a gift he would have you make, and then continue to pray for all those who are struggling to survive.

For those who choose to contribute, I’d like to take the liberty of thanking you on behalf of my friends. I think Pastor Jurrell and his wife, Mariette, Pastor Marc,  Fivenie and Anite, Marie-Lourdes and Saintha, Pastor Paul and Jezula, Madam Vina and Levize, and all the other men and women who will be helped by your gifts would wrap you in their arms and praise the God who led you to give so the people of Jacmel can continue to provide for their children.


I am asking God to work through this tragedy. I believe his Spirit will move as we extend tangible proof of our love.

To make a donation to Children’s Hope or to find out more information, please click here.





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