In my last post, I told you about my dad’s injury and his Sunday school class. You can read how he participated via cell phone here. There’s breaking news in this story and I’d like to bring you up-to-date: My daddy’s taking a cab to church.

No, it’s not an uber, although that option has actually been discussed. He’s hired a specially equipped van which accommodates his wheelchair. My stepsister, Joy Mason, will be with him to make sure all is well. It was her idea and she’s risen to “rock star” status because of her efforts.

Dad also had a great therapy session on Friday, taking 20 steps on the parallel bars. He expects to graduate to a walker next week.

Things are looking up for him and he’s motivated to work harder and get stronger because of the progress he sees and the support he is receiving.

He feels hope and the future is fueled by hope.



You can infuse hope.

Sometimes people need you to believe for them. They can’t feel God but they can touch you. You can remind them that God suffers with them, cares for them and will not let them go.

Infusing hope is risky and all kinds of things get in our way. We’re limited by our preoccupation with our own lives. We minimize the “gift” that we bring and convince ourselves a small offering won’t make much difference. But Jesus tells us that even a small cup of water has eternal impact. 

You may not be able to solve a problem but you can shine a light. A smile, a kind word, an hour of service may make the difference in the way a person feels about their lives. For example, when you tutor a struggling student you do more than improve their academics. Your time helps them understand they matter. Your relationship gives them a glimpse of a better future.

Your confidence may carry a friend until they believe again for themselves. There’s nothing in life that isn’t made better by hope.

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