I’ve recently encountered a lot of change in my life. In the past year I got married, moved in with a boy for the first time, got a new job, added another job, Luke started and finished school, got a job, and quit his job. All of this led to a really cool opportunity for Luke in Charlotte, NC. I was pretty content with my jobs and the life we were just settling into in Atlanta. But, I was ready and willing to go where God led Luke. My anxiety, however, had another plan. I struggled through what was probably the hardest month of my life to this point, and Luke struggled right along next to me, all with the loving support of our parents.

Change changed me. Change changed my relationship with my in-laws. Change has a way of changing things.

Mother-in-laws, your daughter-in-laws are going through a lot of change. Be patient and loving with them. If they act differently than you would or did, love them through it. Try to give suggestions and not demands.

Daughter-in-laws, your mother-in-law may seem set in her ways, but her life is still changing. Her family is changing, her role is changing, and that’s probably just a small part of what’s going on with her. Look at her like a person, not just your husband’s mom. Try to encourage her and know what she loves.

I’m getting settled in Charlotte and realizing more every day that change is something that perseveres through every season of life. I don’t know that change is either good or bad, but I think it is a teacher, an exposer of truth, and a challenge. Some of you may do change really well— I really do not. But I’m learning. And I’m grateful to have a mother-in-law, who has experienced a lot of change in her life, to love me through it.

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