Have you thought about cleaning out your closet and eliminating the clothes you never wear? If the idea seems appealing, maybe you are ready for the newest trend in fashion — the capsule wardrobe. You keep only clothes you love, and you organize your wardrobe so that each piece can be worn in many ways. The capsule wardrobe reduces the time and energy spent getting ready each day because you have already made the key decisions about what works best for you.

It seems to me that these fashion experts have something to teach us about life.

WardrobesWhat if we made the hard decisions ahead of time?

What if we said we would always forgive no matter what was done to us? Although it will require time and work to extend grace in every circumstance, instead of stewing in our negative emotions, we could choose to begin the actual process as soon as the offense occurs.

What if we decided we would not complain? What if we decided to be intentional about our church attendance? What if we decided to extend ourselves to help another without weighing the personal pros and cons?

Could we make advance decisions about our work ethic, our media consumption, or our relationships with other people?

From beginning to end, the Bible is filled with stories of people who had to make faith decisions. Moses, Joshua, Elijah, and even Jesus called people to choose, to decide, to get off the fence.

When we learn to align the way we live with what we say we believe, we will reduce the stress and confusion in our lives and avoid moments of weakness when our defenses are down. It takes some time and upfront effort, but our decisions to eliminate negative options will keep our closets free from clutter and our minds available to pursue the things of value and worth.

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