Usually I have ferns, a few herbs and a geranium or two on the porch, but this spring I’ve pushed the limits of my horticultural expertise and physical stamina. I’m working rich compost into the existing clay and creating the perfect environment for hydrangea and other shade loving plants. I knew the clay would be hard but I didn’t expect there to be so many rocks lodged in the ground.

My Pile of Rocks


My life and my yard have a lot in common. Things look pretty smooth on the surface but when I poke around I realize there’s plenty of “tilling” to do.

The rock of keeping score sabotages relationships.

The stone of criticism crowds out love.

The boulder of accumulated grudges takes up way to much space, because it’s so much easier to nurse a hurt than do the work forgiveness requires.

All weekend I’ve picked up rocks and piled them in my wheelbarrow. The work is slow and tedious, but necessary for my garden to reach its potential.


Call me crazy but I am actually enjoying the process. Every now and then I stand back and thank God for the way gardens grow. He shines the light, sends the rain, and brings growth from the ground that has been adequately prepared. Digging up rocks is difficult, but I will continue the work. I am motivated by the possibilities. I want the kind of garden, and the kind of life, that thrives in freshly prepared soil.



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