We’re home and Jim is recovering. My job is to keep him off the tractor for the next few days. Although his surgery was not a huge deal it required an overnight hospital stay and several hours of anesthesia. I’m grateful for the physician who identified the problem, the surgeon’s skilled hands, and the excellent care my husband received from all those who attended to him.

I am also thankful for the health care professionals who prayed over us.

OnThe SpotPrayers-2 We arrived at the hospital early, before most ordinary people are awake. A member of the transport team met us with a hearty smile and encouraging words. When his job was finished, he asked us if he could pray. He spoke with power and concern, petitioning the Great Physician for healing.

A short time later, the CRNA found me in the waiting room and asked if he could lead me in prayer. I felt God’s presence as he prayed for the outcome of the surgery and peace for me as I waited. A sweet nurse friend, who had come to check on me, was also a part of our circle.

Many of us are too easily intimidated when it comes to spiritual things. Of course, Christians should not be obnoxious, but we can be bold. We can learn to push aside our self-conscious feelings to pray aloud for another— right then, right there on the spot. It is far more powerful to pray for someone in the moment than to tell them you will offer prayers at a later time. When we take a friend, or even a new acquaintance, by name to the throne of God, we communicate the depth of our love and concern. The Spirit of God is in the midst of this kind of praying, linking hearts and bringing a far sweeter gift than we could ever offer on our own.


Perhaps it will encourage us when we realize that our prayers don’t need to be eloquent. We don’t have to worry about how we sound to others, for it is when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and broken before God that our praying makes a difference — to God and to those for whom we pray.

Monday morning, when three hospital employees made the time to pray for our concerns, Jim and I were reminded of the faithfulness of God. Our hearts were encouraged and our fears were relieved because we heard the words and felt the emotion of the petitions offered on our behalf.





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