When I was still a mom of preschoolers, I realized God was using my kids to teach me about my relationship with him. Time and again, my own life became an illustration of the principles I encountered in Scripture. Specific moments would register and bring me a greater depth of understanding of what God had been saying to me all along.

Now that I’m a “Gigi” with a seventeen- month- old grandson, I’m still learning.

Sam came to visit this week. We threw balls down the stairs and sticks in the pond. He caused me to see the world with fresh eyes. The swing went high and we laughed together. He devoured strawberries with great enthusiasm and said “whereisit?” as one long word at least one hundred times a day. I laughed at his antics and posted too many photos on Instagram.

CrazyWhile I have been “soaking up” little Sam, I have also been pondering my trip to Haiti. In just a few weeks I’ll be speaking at a five-day family conference. Our first session is designed to help each attendee more fully comprehend God’s love. I’ve read and studied and prepared my message but it occurred to me I’m here again — living what God wants me to know and say.

I understand that my Heavenly Father loves me. Passages of Scripture describe his commitment and his feelings for his children and the cross is the perfect demonstration of that love. But sometimes my relationship with the God I cannot see feels distant — more factual than heartfelt. The Bible verses become familiar and I forget to stand in awe that the Creator of the Universe knows my name and gives me life. I need fresh eyes.

The love I experience for my grandson gives me a glimpse of the way God feels about me — and each of his children.

Sam climbs into my lap and we read the “tractor book” for the tenth time today. I am captivated once again. I breathe a thank you for the child I hold and also for the sweet knowledge of who I am to God.

God’s love is the beautiful truth for you and for me. The one who created you in his image, treasures you still.

Like earthly parents and grandparents, God delights in the laughter of his children. He yearns for your company. He celebrates your growth. He watches over you with affectionate attention. He sees past your imperfections. He knows where you have been, who you are now, and by his grace, the person you can become.

He whispers, “Draw closer, my child.”

Allow God’s love to saturate your life so that all you are and everything you do flows from the depth of the experience you have with him. May the little children in your life remind you that your Heavenly Father is absolutely crazy about you.