For the past 6 weeks I’ve been teaching about prayer. At the beginning of the study, I explained we would think of prayer like an extra-large pizza. Since there was no way we could digest everything in one sitting, we would examine one slice at a time. This allowed us to talk about the significance of corporate prayer one week and know that in the previous session we had discussed our personal communion with God. Certainly this is an over-simplification and the “slices” overlap but the analogy gave me a way to organize our content and direct the discussion.

To prepare for these studies, I’ve read books, commentaries, and listened to several sermons on the topic. I have been reminded how many biblical passages teach us how to pray, or serve as examples of actual prayers. Through my study, I have been inspired and challenged to think about prayer in new ways. I’ve been convicted that in the past many of my prayers have only scratched the surface of what it means to commune with God. I have limited the depth of communication with my Heavenly Father because of my lack of discipline and interest.

Show Up HungryTonight our group will examine the last slice of pizza — not because we’ve covered everything there is to know about prayer—but because six weeks is a long time to talk about any one subject.

I am convinced that God longs for me to spend more time with him. He opens his arms wide and invites me to enjoy his love. He wants to meet the deepest needs of my life as I enter into his presence.

Bible study can help us understand this important topic. Teaching can illuminate and encourage us on our spiritual journey. But nothing will change in our lives if we do not take what we know and begin to put it into practice. The knowledge and intellectual understanding we have about prayer must inform our experience with God or it doesn’t make any difference.

I am learning to enter into God’s presence and ask not for things but for more of him. No matter how long I’ve been away, no matter what I’ve done, my Heavenly Father knows exactly what I crave. I’m grateful he’s just waiting for me to show up hungry.