The Walls Came Down

Last week a group of women from our Tuesday night Bible study provided a Vacation Bible School for the children of El Faro United Methodist Church. 38 kiddos and 18 adults spent four evenings learning what it means to follow […]

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Girls Gone Griffith: Mostly Positive Conversations about In-laws/Get the Order Right

I regularly ask myself if what I think about a particular topic really matters to my readers. Each day you are bombarded with messages and you have to separate the valuable from the irrelevant. I believe you will only continue […]

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Small Offerings

I can tell the story now. Everybody else is dead.

Jim and I were newlyweds, living in an apartment near the medical school. We planted our lives together in a downtown church. After a few months one of the ministers called […]

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Walls Fall Down

I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama during the turmoil of the late sixties and early seventies. As a young white girl I cared about injustice and racism but I didn’t know how to respond. I grew to hate anything that […]

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Girls Gone Griffith: Mostly Positive Conversations about In-laws/Insight

Camilla and Luke recently celebrated their first anniversary. They live in Charlotte, NC, where Camilla works as First 5 Coordinator for Proverbs 31 Ministries.  In today’s post, my daughter-in-law suggests a strategy for growth that can be applied to all […]

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Girls Gone Griffith: Mostly Positive Conversations About In-Laws/Tender Topics

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Durham to spend time with my lovely daughter-in-law, Eliza, and my grandson, Sam. The visit also had a practical purpose — I was there to help the family prepare for their upcoming move. […]

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Laurel Joyce Griffith is a blogger, speaker, and the author of Lean Forward

Lean Forward contains powerful real life applications that are easily transferred to my own life!
Walter Hill, Chief Executive Officer, Wiregrass United Way
Lean Forward is a scripture-saturated reading that made me thirsty for more of God and His Truth. Laurel Griffith writes transparently and tenderly, and brings to the pages a compelling message of spiritual transformation and the keys to keeping company with Christ.
Billy Irving, Director of Ministry Relations, Faith Radio
In Lean Forward, Laurel Griffith masterfully weaves biblical wisdom with insightful and practical life experiences into a tapestry of truth that can be instantly applied to every reader’s life. The chapter on forgiveness alone will leave an indelible imprint that will bring great freedom and healing. Lean Forward is like a velvet-covered brick- when it hits you, it’s graciously soft, but its truth will leave a life-changing mark.
Jason Spears, Lead Pastor | Providence Church- Albany, GA