It’s All About Potential

When your kids are grown, “Back to School” can sneak up on you. Yesterday I was reminded that the new school year with all its responsibilities and opportunities has arrived.

In a sweet and profound time of worship, our congregation prayed […]

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Girls Gone Griffith: Mostly Positive Conversations About In-laws/Friendship

I recently attended the annual Proverbs 31 She Speaks Conference in Concord, North Carolina. An array of talented and articulate women offered expertise and inspiration to the hundreds of Christian bloggers, writers, and speakers who came to grow in their […]

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Girls Gone Griffith: Mostly Positive Communication About In-Laws/Decisions

 In this post, Camilla issues a relationship call-to-action. I needed the reminder. How about you? 


I wouldn’t call decision-making my strongest suit. I can be lazy with my decisions – putting them off until someone else forces me into a decision […]

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A Word About Haiti

I returned from Haiti the day before hurricane Matthew slammed the country, so this is not the blog post I thought I’d be writing. I thought I’d tell you about the Bible studies and the Women’s Conference. I thought I’d […]

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Where Do I Find Hope?

I’m leaving for Haiti on September 24th, and I’d like to ask you to pray for our team. Since this is my second visit to the country, getting ready feels a little different this time around. I know what to […]

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The Future is Fueled by Hope

In my last post, I told you about my dad’s injury and his Sunday school class. You can read how he participated via cell phone here. There’s breaking news in this story and I’d like to bring you up-to-date: My […]

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Laurel Joyce Griffith is a blogger, speaker, and the author of Lean Forward

Lean Forward contains powerful real life applications that are easily transferred to my own life!
Walter Hill, Chief Executive Officer, Wiregrass United Way
Lean Forward is a scripture-saturated reading that made me thirsty for more of God and His Truth. Laurel Griffith writes transparently and tenderly, and brings to the pages a compelling message of spiritual transformation and the keys to keeping company with Christ.
Billy Irving, Director of Ministry Relations, Faith Radio
In Lean Forward, Laurel Griffith masterfully weaves biblical wisdom with insightful and practical life experiences into a tapestry of truth that can be instantly applied to every reader’s life. The chapter on forgiveness alone will leave an indelible imprint that will bring great freedom and healing. Lean Forward is like a velvet-covered brick- when it hits you, it’s graciously soft, but its truth will leave a life-changing mark.
Jason Spears, Lead Pastor | Providence Church- Albany, GA